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Austin downtown

The Overly Opinionated Article on The Best Neighborhood In Austin

Generally, when you search around for the best neighborhoods or places to live in Austin, you run into the same ole usual suspects like 

Allandale · Barton Hills · Buda · Cedar Park · Cherrywood · Downtown · Dripping Springs · East Austin

But, reading a list of places to live and seeing a few bland pictures of these areas in Austin leave me really unsatisfied and maybe that list leaves you wanting something more too when trying to find the top places to move.
Sure, a lot of articles talk about why you would want to live in Austin such as the amazing local music scene and the food and the job market.
After researching the best neighborhood in Austin I realized that when I am trying to find the best place to live in Austin, I want to see how the luckiest man or woman is actually living in Austin.
Now, just for you, I have identified the best place to live in Austin even down to the actual property.
Before I show you that though--

The Honest Biggest Reason Not to Move to Austin Though
Austin was not built with the idea in mind that all of us were moving there. And the road construction cannot--simply CANNOT catch up with the need for more room to drive all the cars through it.
Honestly, my husband lived in Austin for a while and he found the traffic problem to be so annoying that he really did not like living there.
People living in South Texas know that if you have to drive in or even through Austin to get somewhere else that you will be sitting in some traffic.
I once personally ventured out to an Aggie’s football game and the traffic to get there was so heavy, it was unforgettable.
But, Austin is really pretty in some spots:
Colorado River - best place to live in Austin
And in certain pretty spots that are public, it can get crowded. Here is an example of a place that gets heavily crowded during warm times—
(warm times will be from Late April to October)
where to move in Austin
So if you are going to really live in Austin, again, where is the best spot?
Is it the Barton Creek greenbelt depicted here?
best neighborhood in Austin
Nope, although that looks pretty beautiful, in my opinion, the best place to live in all of Austin is marked on this map as Austin’s luckiest Owner:
best property in Austin
Let’s zoom in a little to see all of the parks you can get to from this lot. I am so jealous. Look at that.
But, let’s zoom in a little more.
Wow, and it’s right on the Colorado River?!
Tell me more!
Okay, let’s see.
nicest places to live in Austin
Oh no! That’s a private Tennis Court.
Is there more at this place?
where to move travis county
Oh no, it has a guest house and a boat house and little sidewalks that connect them all.
I HAVE to see it from the Street Google. Show me the Google Street View of this!
luxury real estate travis county
OF COURSE! Of course it has some sort of privacy block keeping away those Google street recording cars you have.

There you have it folks, the crème dee la crème of Austin Living in my opinion is access to great outdoor recreation, and a great city, while having private luxury on the Colorado River.

So who knows, check out some real estate around this address to try to get a part of what that luckiest owner got: 13322 Shore Vista Drive
Now this property is located in the neighborhood of neighborhood of River Bend.
And I personally think that River Bend is the bet neighborhood in Austin.
Neighborhoods near this one include:
Lakeland Park, River Ridge, and Lakeland Terrace.


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